TÁR streaming: where to watch movie online? (2024)

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TÁR streaming: where to watch online?

Currently you are able to watch "TÁR" streaming on Peaco*ck. It is also possible to buy "TÁR" on Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft Store, AMC on Demand as download or rent it on Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft Store, FlixFling, Spectrum On Demand online.


Lydia Tár has achieved monumental heights in the world of classical music. She’s the first woman to ever conduct the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, she is an esteemed teacher at Juilliard, she has a book on the way, and she’s in the middle of preparing the biggest concerto of her life. Lydia should be the happiest she’s ever been but everything is on the brink of collapse. Tár is a film that examines the consequences of the #MeToo movement and what abuses of power look like for women.

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TÁR streaming: where to watch movie online? (15)

TÁR streaming: where to watch movie online? (16)

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TÁR is 1069 on the JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts today. The movie has moved up the charts by 356 places since yesterday. In the United States, it is currently more popular than Project: Shadowchaser but less popular than Quiz Lady.

Rank Title


Blue Is the Warmest Color



Ricki and the Flash



Die in a Gunfight



Quiz Lady






Project: Shadowchaser



Two Lovers and a Bear



Nosferatu the Vampyre



George and the Dragon


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What to know

What you need to know

Tár is a psychological drama produced by Standard Film Company and EMJAG Productions. The movie is written, directed, and produced by Todd Field. This is Field’s third feature film, following 2002’s In The Bedroom and 2007’s Little Children. Though his filmmaking resume may be short, both of his previous films nabbed Academy Award nominations, and Tár received a rousing 6-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival.

Cate Blanchett plays the lead role of conductor Lydia Tár. The woman has excelled in her career but has become obsessed with power. Other actors in the film include Noemie Merlant, who plays Francesca and Nina Hoss who plays Sharon. Sophie Kauer plays Olga and Mark Strong makes an appearance as Eliot Kaplan.

At the Venice Film Festival in September 2022, Cate Blanchett was awarded the Best Actress trophy. In preparation for the role, Blanchett learned to play piano and studied being a conductor at the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra. The experience was a transformative one for the actress who said, “There's this intense electric feeling when you give the downbeat and you hear a huge sound coming back. It's something I didn't have. never lived before. In this space, standing on the podium, you really feel like the king or queen of the world." Tár was released in theaters on 28th October, 2022.

Production News

Production: Timeline, news & updates

In April 2021, it’s announced that Cate Blanchett will be starring in a movie written and directed by Todd Field called "Tár". In September 2021, Nina Hoss and Noémie Merlant joined the film’s cast. At the same time, it is announced that Hildur Guðnadóttir has been hired to be the composer of the film's music.

In November 2021, Sophie Kauer, Julian Glover, Allan Corduner, and Sylvia Flote are added to the cast.

The movie was filmed in Berlin, Germany. Tár was released in cinemas on 28th October, 2022


Cate Blanchett

Lydia Tár

Nina Hoss

Sharon Goodnow

Sophie Kauer

Olga Metkina

Julian Glover

Andris Davis

Mark Strong

Eliot Kaplan

Sylvia Flote

Krista Taylor

Allan Corduner

Sebastian Brix

Mila Bogojevic


Adam Gopnik

Adam Gopnik

Marc-Martin Straub

Tailor #1

Egon Brandstetter

Tailor #2

Ylva Pollak

Tailor's Assistant #1

Paula Först

Tailor's Assistant #2

Sydney Lemmon

Whitney Reese

Nicolas Hopchet


Zethphan Smith-Gneist


Kitty Watson

Olive Kerr

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin (voice)

Jessica Hansen

Jessica Hansen

Alma Löhr


Dorothea Plans Casal

Gosia Proboz / Tár's Orchestra

Fabian Dirr

Knut Braun / Tár's Orchestra

Christian Höcherl

First Trumpet / Tár's Orchestra

Jan Wolf


Peter Hering


Artjom Gilz


Han Lai


Andreas Jentzsch

Magazine Vendor

Daniel Söhner


Tilla Kratochwil

Eleanor / Anna Franzen

Marie-Lou Sellem

Britta Menges

Marie-Anne Fliegel

Angela Goodnow

André Röhner

Testimonial Recordist

Lydia Schamschula

Lina Greff

Chalee Sricharoen


Rose Knox-Peebles

Eleanor's Mother

Frank Röth

Tár's Personal Physician

Normann Höhne

Undertaker #1

Sven Rothe

Undertaker #2

Jasmine Leung

Laura Kim

Johann von Bülow

Male Board Member #1

Oliver Mills

Male Board Member #2 / Tár's Orchestra

Xenia Assenza

Flight Attendant

Johanne Murdock

Taylor Family Counsel

Sam Douglas

Marty Singer

Burkhard Nitsch

Elevator Operator

Christoph Tomanek

Anna's Husband

Sarah Bauerett

Estate Agent

Murali Perumal

NYC Livery Driver

Vincent Riotta

Cory Berg

Vivian Full

Kristine Ling

Ed White

Jake Russell

Lucie Pohl

Shannon Jones

Lee Sellars

Tony Tarr

Ian Gallego

Uniformed Guard

Joy Villanueva

MPO Woman

Aldrin Poblete

MPO Assistant #1

Froilan Japano

MPO Assistant #2

Pattarawadee Thiwwatpakorn


Parami Mingmitpatanakun


Prapruttam Khumchat


Jevimary de Guia

Spa Receptionist

Kenneth Won

Stage Manager

An Cerne

Julliard Octet

Wenteng Chang

Julliard Octet

Songha Choi

Julliard Octet

Rucheng Fan

Julliard Octet

Christopher Lindner

Julliard Octet

Sarah Martin

Julliard Octet

Levin Petersen

Julliard Octet

Qu Yunrui

Julliard Octet

Phongphairoj Lertsudwichai

Monster Hunter Orchestra

Diana Birenytė

Dancer (uncredited)

Arthur Gannaban

MPO Assistant #3 (uncredited)

TÁR streaming: where to watch movie online? (2024)
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