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You can access your Bath & Body Works employee account via ACES ETM, which is your entry point to the full employee portal. You can use the system to contact HR, check your pay, see your employee benefits, and set up your schedule. We'll break it all down for you in this guide…

Bath & Body Works Employee Login • ACES ETM (2024) (3)

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Bath & Body Works Employee Login • ACES ETM - What's in this guide?

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Employee Login

You can access the Bath & Body Works employee login here.

Why is the login under a different domain name?

On August 2, 2021, Bath & Body Works became the official name of the L Brands company, which had previously operated a number of other brands. Those other brands were all separated into independent entities, causing L Brands to assume the name of its only remaining brand. However, the employee portal never changed, and that's why you have to go to in order to login to your Bath & Body Works employee account.

Setting Up Your Account

When you arrive at the ACES ETM site, you'll be asked to create a Bath & Body Works account with a new username and password. You can choose any username you'd like as long as it's unique. A good tip: Your password should be difficult enough so that no one can guess it, but easy enough so that you can always remember it.

Two-Factor Authentication

The ACES ETM system uses two-factor authentication (2FA) to keep your account even more secure. This system requires a dual verification process in order for you to access the portal. Your personal account password is the first verification method, and the second is through a system called PingID. You can set up your account through the PingID Mobile App (available on iPhone or Android devices), via email, or via SMS text message.

How to Log In

To login to your Bath & Body Works employee account, just head over to the ACES ETM site and enter your username and password. Upon logging in with your password, you will be prompted to enter your 2FA code via PingID before you can access the system.

Setting Up Your Payroll

Once inside the ACES ETM system, you can set up your payroll preferences, including your preferred delivery method. You can choose direct deposit, which sends your salary directly into your bank account, and you can even split your paycheck between multiple bank accounts (i.e. checking and savings). Alternatively, you have the option of receiving your paycheck via a Visa Payroll Card, which functions similarly to a debit card. Your card will be loaded with your salary and then you can spend it anywhere that Visa is accepted. You can even withdraw cash, just like you would with a bank debit card.

An important tip about fees: When making a purchase with your Visa Payroll Card, select Credit on the pin pad instead of Debit. Credit transactions are free, but Debit transactions will cost you $0.50 in fees per transaction. Also, you can make one free ATM withdrawal per pay period, as long as the ATM is in the MoneyPass network. After that, you'll pay $1.50 per ATM withdrawal. Keep in mind that withdrawals from ATMs outside of the MoneyPass network carry their own fees. You can access a list of MoneyPass ATMs via the ATM locator.

HR Phone Number

You can reach the Bath & Body Works Human Resources Department at 1 (866) 473-4728.

Final Thoughts

The Bath & Body Works Employee portal is a valuable resource for employees who need to access their HR benefits, receive their pay, and set up their work schedule. We hope this guide has shown you how to set up and use your Bath & Body Works login to easily access the ACES ETM. If you need a refresher, feel free to drop by any time.

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Bath & Body Works Employee Login • ACES ETM (2024) (2024)
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